MO Deathwatch

Energy Signature Aboard Space Hulk

Can you just Exterminatus a space ship?

The team received word from their Captain that an object had arrived out of nowhere. Date codes placed it from another Deathwatch facility, hundreds of years in the past. It had three locator beacons and coordinates that showed an empty area of space. They set out and began to survey the area. Suddenly a large Space Hulk ripped out of the Warp, an Amber power flare pulsed out from the center. It caused electrical damage throughout the Deathwatch ship, killing some of the servitors and causing immense pain to the crew. The psykers paid the worst price, nosebleeds and headaches of a near disabling level.

The team set forth, locating a viable entry point to the hulk and began their scouting. They were tasked with locating and determining the source of the power flares. They were also to attempt to gather data on the ships making up the hulk, as well as clearing any Xenos or traitors. They realized the devices that had arrived at the Watch Fortress Cypriot were Warp Location Beacons, and would aid in determining whenand where the Hulk would reappear.


Phaden Phaden

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